Our Approach

Incorporating local knowledge and international experience, our team has both the expertise and network to deliver integrated communications solutions to brands in Oman and beyond. We provide strategic thinking and program execution across the areas of public relations, public affairs, reputation management and crisis handling.

“Every program or campaign begins with identifying the core business problem to be solved. This alleviates the development of tactic-driven campaigns and ensures that all plans and actions are strategic and focused on the issue. “

Once the campaign is identified, the next step is to work out who the target audience is. Identifying the audience is key to understanding the type of communications that are needed for clear delivery of the message.

Possibly the most important part of any communication exercise, the strategy enables companies to set message objectives and engage with their target audience over a sustained period of time and ensures the most efficient delivery of the message.

A solid communications strategy needs an extensive network of media contacts who will accept and enable features, articles and interviews to be published as per the plan. To ensure maximum coverage through execution, communications must be of a high standard and meet tight media deadlines.

The deliverables. Once the strategy has been optimised and set into place, reporting on the deliverables is key to measuring the success of the project. By compiling regular reports on campaign activity and coverage space and value, our clients can see not just the value of our services but also the extensive reach of their message.